VCI White Papers


The Value of Machine Learning

February 2020

Brad Barton

Context Creates Clarity

January 2020

Brad Barton

Tips for Improving Front Line Technology Adoption

November 2019

Brad Barton

Too Little? Too Much? How to optimise your technology budget.

September 2019

Brad Barton

Things CEOs Should Know About IT

September 2019

Brad Barton

Does your technology division support your transformation strategy?

August 2019

Brad Barton

Is your Organization the Right Size?

May 2019

Brad Weir

Re-visiting Scenario Planning in the Resources Industry

March 2019

Graeme Stanway

KPI Chess Game

October 2018

David Harker

Digital Mastery – the Board Level Challenge

August 2018

Dave Stevenson

Successful Digital Transformation Hinges on Effective Change Management

July 2018

Ben Bonney and David Harker

Strategies for Digital Safety

May 2018

Doug Pell

Why a Platform Strategy?

April 2018

Gideon Malherbe

Five Reasons CEOs Need a Digital Strategy

March 2018

David Harker

Sources of Value in Mining

March 2014

Graeme Stanway, Partner VCI
Bill Hart, SVP Cliffs Natural Resources

Business Model Innovation in Resources


Graeme Stanway, Partner
Paul Mahoney, Senior Consultant

Applying Agent Based Simulation to Strategy


Gideon Malherbe

The Evolution of Agent Based Simulation in Corporate Strategy


Gideon Malherbe Partner VCI New York

Overcoming Biases in Strategy Formulation


Graeme Stanway, Partner, VCI
William Hart, SVP, Cliffs Natural Resources
Christopher Taylor, Strategy Practice Lead, VCI

Linking Strategy with Tactics


Gideon Malherbe, Partner
Michael Tam, Consultant

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