Forward thinking strategists for the new economy.


Our goal is to be the people you implicitly trust; and always turn to for open, honest and informed advice.

We are used to working at a senior level with the world’s biggest mining, resource and energy companies.

Our international network gives you access to some of the most forward- thinking, innovative strategists in your industry. Some have wise heads on old shoulders; others are young, multi-disciplinary and forcefully imaginative. Together, they are a powerful combination.

Our associates hail from the best universities and businesses around the world. Leaders in their fields, they can provide informed insights in a personal phone call that weeks of desktop research simply can’t match.

We've also invested in a number of high-potential, complementary businesses which focus on specific areas of value in high-capital industries.

Local knowledge with global connections.

VCI has local hubs and strategic partners spread across the globe, so wherever your business is based, we can help.

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