Overcome the digital ghosts

Before you can solve the ambiguity of your current digital transformation, make sure you have an objective assessment performed by a third party. Management is not a science but an art. Every company transformation is preceded by months if not years of hand-wringing about what should be done – what is urgent, and what is actually the most valuable.

To avoid wrestling with digital ghosts, an objective digital assessment changes your dialogue from what managers believe goes on in their departments to what is actually going on. There is no argument about the significant cost advantages of automated business processes and digital transactions. Equally so, it is very hard for units that operate in a historically well-proven analog format to find the motivation to digitize. To overcome this, opt for a digital assessment to help you find the right words, references and framework to transform.

Gideon Malherbe

Gideon Malherbe

Gideon Malherbe is a partner of VCI Ltd, a global strategy design company. GideonĀ is well known for his development and implementation of unique methodologies and strategic insights that deliver truly extraordinary results to clients. As a visionary, Gideon has orchestrated some of the largest strategy, innovation, and digitization projects in the Mining & Metals and Oil & Gas industries, the results of which have become enduring models worldwide.


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