Introducing VCI Capital Management


The progression from Advisory to Investment is a natural move for the VCI Group. VCI’s founders have already invested in or assisted in building several start-ups which are enjoying great success.

VCI has the expertise to formalise its investment activities through VCI Capital Management with a view to raising third party funds.

Our vision is big with the ultimate goal of having multiple funds and a skunk works which generates proprietary insight and investment opportunities for our investors.

Our areas of investment interest.

Natural Resources; Metals and Mining, Oil and Gas and Agriculture

Renewable Energy

Mining Equipment, Technology and Service Providers (METS)

Utilities and Infrastructure


Technology; Renewables , Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Big Data and Analytics

VC Secondaries; Turnaround underperforming VC/PE Investments

Talk to us.

We’re interested in speaking to people who would like to be part of our vision.

  • Financial Groups (including other Australian and overseas funds) with an outstanding reputation who may be interested in joint venturing
  • Potential wholesale investors who are keen to explore opportunities to work together
  • Start-ups seeking either funds or consulting in exchange for equity
  • Industry bodies, government departments, universities or incubators who want to explore opportunities to potentially work together