Expanding Leadership Capacity in a Crisis Scenario

Leadership capacity is the ability to effectively lead your team when your energy and their energy is getting diverted to a multitude of critical issues. To not succumb and freak out, you are required to apply clear thinking that targets the most crucial elements of leading your team.

Your state of mind during these crisis periods is a function of a healthy body and a balanced psychology. We achieve these through good lifestyle choices like eating right, exercise, sleep, and positive relationships. Good reading and habitual meditation complete your wholesome self.

We add the reading and meditation for a reason. A keen mind with no reference will no doubt resolve many of the immediate, in-your-face problems.

But you need more complex reasoning capability to process the more abstract or elevated challenges. These are the big picture patterns and situations. Good reading and meditation are like feeding your mind with new concepts, and along with reflecting on the concepts, becomes part of your brain functioning.

We are now in a high-velocity, ever-changing world, and like the well trained Olympic high jumper reaching for a new personal best, leaders need to draw deeper into themselves to pull their teams together for the “best in industry” decisions, collaboration and coaching.

I do think the KPI for managing this crisis will be for how long afterward your decisions made now will still matter. Did you build a long-term success story, or destroy the company through short-term, knee-jerk decisions?

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Gideon Malherbe

Gideon Malherbe

Gideon Malherbe is a partner of VCI Ltd, a global strategy design company. Gideon is well known for his development and implementation of unique methodologies and strategic insights that deliver truly extraordinary results to clients. As a visionary, Gideon has orchestrated some of the largest strategy, innovation, and digitization projects in the Mining & Metals and Oil & Gas industries, the results of which have become enduring models worldwide.