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The power to
navigate the changing energy landscape.

Energy Industry Solutions

Substantial and long-lasting shifts are underway in the energy landscape.

We are seeing rapid moves towards a decarbonised energy system driven by electrification and boosted by the strong growth of solar and wind power.

However, over the next three decades, oil and gas will continue to meet most of the world’s energy demands. We see gas as the leading carrier of energy with coal being increasingly replaced by natural gas, renewables, and nuclear power in electricity generation.

The VCI approach to changing energy needs.

We understand the implications of the energy transition, the role of digital disruption and transformation on the energy industry, and the nature and pace of these changes affecting business and its people.

Through our strong practical industry knowledge, experience and network we are expertly positioned to work with you to take advantage of future developments in innovation and technology, demographic changes, economic trends, and resource availability that drive energy generation and use.

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