The Resources Company Growth Challenge

By Graeme Stanway / February 21, 2018

Established resources companies are facing significant risk through the strategic choices that they will be making over the next few years. Since the end of the China-driven resources boom, most miners have spent the past 5 years aggressively cutting costs and focusing on productivity, while at the same time enjoying strengthening commodity prices.

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Yes, you need better technology. But, what about people and processes?

By Gideon Malherbe / December 2, 2017

Digital Transformation ~ VCI Partner’s View Perhaps because of a long and successful history, your organization is still very much a siloed culture with teams involved in technology and digitization still having different objectives and timelines. There is a conflict between a silo-based management structure and the achievement of integrated targets relating to the upgrading…

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Big Data Management

By Gideon Malherbe / November 29, 2017

Paying attention to Big Data, analytics, data management, and IIOT is becoming an ever-increasing challenge and opportunity. Over the past few decades, mining and business processes have increasingly converged such that differentiating capabilities are reduced. New approaches and technologies are now enabling us to identify inefficiencies and optimize processes much better than before. Big data…

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Understanding the Ransomware Threat

By Chris Gebhardt / October 29, 2017

With industrial equipment becoming more sophisticated in an integrated operational environment, the potential for a CyberSecurity incident increases.  The recent WannaCry Ransomware threat resulted in emergency services and hospitals re-routing patients because equipment was non-functional.  How long could you sustain suspended operations while a cyber cleanup was in progress?

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Think smart cities are smart enough?

Think smart cities are smart enough yet? Think again.

By Gideon Malherbe / August 15, 2017

“In the future, smart cities will likely bring about many benefits, like less pollution and more efficient transportation systems. But they could also bring about many unintended consequences, according to a panel of speakers at Fortune’s recent Brainstorm Tech conference in Aspen, Colo. The group of experts from energy, transportation, government, finance, and other sectors gathered…

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Leadership is a deal maker - or breaker

Leadership is a deal maker (…or breaker)

By Gideon Malherbe / June 20, 2017

Digital Transformation ~ VCI Partner’s View A recent global survey found that while CEOs generally understand the strategic opportunities and threats of digitizing their business, many have yet to build and communicate a vision for their companies or to develop a strategy to make that vision a reality. And most functional leaders lack the skills…

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Rethinking digital transfrmation

Digitization Needs Direction – Rethinking Digital Transformation

By Graeme Stanway / March 29, 2017

Digitization – or more precisely the abundance of data through cheap sensing and the ability of advances in computational power and artificial intelligence to transform decision making – is one of the most disruptive forces that businesses have seen, particularly in relation to competitive business models.

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Seeing and moving, the challenge in Strategy

By Graeme Stanway / December 20, 2015

We have recently been heavily engaged in our on-going “Innovation State of Play” series, where from 2015 we have been interviewing 15 global CEO’s. This “view from the C suite” follows on from 2014 where more than 260 executives and managers were surveyed across the globe. In talking with the leaders in the industry, it…

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Primal instincts not necessarily good for business

By Graeme Stanway / June 7, 2015

People naturally abhor uncertainty. Psychologists put this down to an ancient evolutionary trait where uncertainty often meant unacceptable exposure to mortal danger – typically in the form of some unseen carnivorous threat. Translating forward to modern day business and this trait is not as useful as it once was, particularly in medium to longer term…

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Learnings from the iron ore price shock

By Graeme Stanway / April 28, 2015

The massive drop in iron ore prices has seemingly caught everyone by surprise and firm expectations of about 1.1 billion tonnes of crude steel production from China now seem unlikely. Given value creation in the resources industry is heavily influenced by the navigation of cycles, understanding these miscalculations is very useful.

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