Gideon Malherbe

Wild Cards – Plan for the Unexpected with Scenarios

By Gideon Malherbe / March 23, 2020

Over the past 30 years, VCI has conducted literally hundreds of Scenario Planning workshops for clients wanting to add greater dimension to their Strategic Planning processes. Scenario Planning is a specific technique that helps an enterprise create several storylines, each with a series of strategic action plans. One of the unique and very useful tools…

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From Black Box to White Box

By Gideon Malherbe / February 27, 2020

A big problem with machine learning is the notion that it’s a black box. The production or logistics process is fully “sensored” up and the black box tells operators what to do. There is no understanding nor clarity about the logic behind the instructions. Many developers are now designing new machine learning algorithms that are…

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2020 Questions

By Gideon Malherbe / January 20, 2020

Here’s a fundamental test for your company’s Digital Transformation in 2020. First, on the negative side – What elements of your offering are going to see a deterioration in revenue or price due to digital disintermediation/automation during 2020? (For example, most stock broking firms had to let go of their transactional costs in 2019 and…

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Digital Deployment and Employment

By Gideon Malherbe / November 25, 2019

We’ve done many digital intensity assessments and technology roadmaps that would justify a critical look at the relationship between digital deployment and employment. It is true that digitization disintermediates required human activity, not only in many rote work environments, but also in complex, decision-making processes. It is also true that digital deployment requires a very…

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Digital Platforms transform Strategy from “Push” to “Pull”

By Gideon Malherbe / October 30, 2019

Digital Platform businesses have dominated market attention for many years now. The internet itself is the ultimate platform of our age and it’s the breeding ground for the evolution and proliferation of more and more digital platforms. Whereas, traditional methods of production and distribution were often limited to “push” strategies, with significant effort and resources…

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Boardroom Rehearsal

By Gideon Malherbe / September 3, 2019

If research shows that an offensive strategy adds about 5% to your EBITDA, and a defensive strategy reduces EBITDA by about 1.5%, and that 15.5% of the players that have deployed offensive platform strategies have reported extremely better results, how does one future-proof an offensive strategy in a highly volatile and unpredictable business environment? The…

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Expand Your Tool Kit

By Gideon Malherbe / August 1, 2019

Scenario Planning is an unique method to add to your strategic planning tool kit. It’s a process of developing various alternative futures and devising ways to help manage uncertainties. Scenario Planning directly contributes to both visioning and strategic planning by providing a broader view of the world now and into the future. Scenarios tend to…

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Comfortable knowing where you’re headed…

By Gideon Malherbe / July 20, 2019

Last month, we referenced the importance of the Executive setting clear strategic imperatives as the driver of Digital Transformation. This approach is essential for the company to realize true achievements in digitization, and not succumb to a bottom-up approach full of technical specs and schedules. For the past 3+ years, VCI has been working closely…

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The Executive’s Obligation: A Strategic Perspective on Digital Transformation

By Gideon Malherbe / June 13, 2019

Digital transformation often stalls or fails because executives get misguided regarding the metrics of activities. Digital transformation from a technical perspective covers topics like data management, data integrity, cost of SCADA, deployment of SCADA, networks, cyber security, dashboards, mobile distribution, cloud, equipment automation, work schedule optimization, resource deployment, customer experience, and so on. None of…

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Restructure to accelerate digitization

By Gideon Malherbe / May 20, 2019

Company structures, in this digital age, cannot resemble a structure designed during the industrial, analog era. What is there to understand?

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