A Three Horizons Roadmap

VCI’s Digital Intensity Assessment for a Mining or Oil & Gas asset analyzes the degree of digitization within the people, processes, and technology of the operation. It represents a significant link between operational practices and economics.


In its broadest sense, Digital Intensity can be categorized into five levels:

  1. None
  2. Remote Observation / Visibility
  3. Remote Control
  4. Integrated Remote Control with Automation
  5. Autonomous


Increasing the degree of digital deployment changes the performance dial by creating strategic value or improving efficiency.


The insights derived from a Digital Assessment provides the basis for the development of a focused plan for digital deployment. We refer to this as our Three Horizons Roadmap.


In developing a Three Horizons Roadmap, we look for digital opportunities across the entire value chain, including the primary processes and the support processes. We then identify enterprise-wide practical solutions. Our analyses focuses on digital solutions that may reduce costs and increase top line performance.


Our Three Horizon Roadmap refers to focused timeframes and the identification of appropriate activities:


Horizon 1: What iterative improvement can we do?

These activities are short term improvements which will produce 5-10% improvement.


Horizon 2: What step change initiatives might we start?

These activities are mid term initiatives that can produce double digit step change in performance.


Horizon 3: What exponential transformation could we do?

These longer term goals represent a times 10 relationship between resources and revenue.




Gideon Malherbe

Gideon Malherbe

Gideon Malherbe is a partner of VCI Ltd, a global strategy design company. Gideon is well known for his development and implementation of unique methodologies and strategic insights that deliver truly extraordinary results to clients. As a visionary, Gideon has orchestrated some of the largest strategy, innovation, and digitization projects in the Mining & Metals and Oil & Gas industries, the results of which have become enduring models worldwide.